Social media marketing

Lesser Known Facts about Instagram You Should Know

Instagram is a photo-sharing and social app for mobile which was designed in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. Instagram had up to 400 million users on September 2015. You can do something more than photo sharing in this social media app. You can get the most of your account by considering these facts –

Instagram is Not about Links

It’s your profile where you can share your website or blog link which can actually take your followers to where they are intended to be. Links don’t work in photo comments or captions. If you want to attract people to specific website, you will not have any way to put it under your videos or pictures because users will no longer be able to go through it. You can caption that the link is mentioned on your profile. If you are running some kind of promotion or promoting a page, you can change the link in bio to link of other page.  Hence, Instagram is considered to be the ideal page to promote your content. It can enhance brand exposure and it attracts more traffic later on.

Instagram is Not all about Square Photos

Do you want to add a picture but don’t want to cut out important parts while cropping? Well, you can use loads of paid and free third-party apps with which you can edit your pictures that can easily fit into square without having to crop them. You can add white space or patterns to the edges of image.

Offer Promotions and Giveaways

You can offer promotions which are completely Instagram-based. You can post a picture promoting your giveaway, contest or sale and ask your users to repost image with a custom, specific hashtag to join the contest. You can look for that hashtag to find out who has reposted your imagery and choose a winner. This type of promotion can help followers and customers to promote your brand by sharing about your brand on their own pages. It can attract more and more people to see your profile.

Keep Posts about Your Brand

It can be appealing to share pictures of fashion, food, animals and fashion as they are very popular on your platform. Most businesses have nothing to do with such stuffs. If you post only your product pictures, it could make your campaign look disjoined and confuse the followers. So, you need to keep things matching your business. You have to find balance and you can really find the way to add pictures that are relevant to your brand and your social media marketing can be more successful.

Respond to the Comments of Other Users

Whenever you get comment on your photos, be sure to respond to them. Interacting with followers and customers can make them feel special because you pay attention to them and you care about their needs. They will also follow you and interact with you in future with your posts.